This 30×40 inch impressionist oil painting by Mostafa Keyhani captures the beauty and charm of the Belgian medieval city of Bruges. Because of its numerous canals, Bruges is often referred to as “the Venice of the North”. Visit Mostafa Keyhani’s page to see more of his impressionist paintings of Europe.

Alfredo Gomez is known for his realistic oil paintings of fruit, landscapes and seascapes, but probably his favorite subject to paint is the Pacific coastline. Living in Southern California but raised in Guadalajara, Mexico, Alfredo draws inspiration from his travels throughout Mexico and California. He has a special attraction to the varying energies of the

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Martin Beaupré Journey of Zen First Thursdays Artwalk November 7    6:00 to 9:00 PM Martin Beaupré returns to Laguna Beach this week with a new collection of paintings from his “Journey of Zen” series. Come see his newest works and meet Monsieur Beaupré in person during the First Thursdays Artwalk at Lu Martin Galleries

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We now have a new collection of paintings by artist Aaron Coleman. At first glance, Aaron’s work resembles polished marble, but closer inspection reveals layers of intricately dispersed paint embedded in a thick layer of clear resin. His paintings are philosophical abstractions of micro and macrocosms of nature, inspired by colors and patterns of the

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David Palmer released his latest painting on bullet casings just in time for Independence Day. “American Legacy” juxtaposes the iconic symbol of our liberty against that of which was used to achieve and defend it.  It highlights the significance of arms in America, both historically and currently, militarily and individually, for better or worse.  This

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We received several new paintings this month from Aaron Coleman, including this one, “Stratification of the River” (30 x 84 inches). Coleman’s non-representational paintings are created by a process of alternating layers of clear resin and paint, using special techniques of “controlled chaos” to form patterns that are organic, geologic or even cosmic. Coleman’s paintings

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