Traci Owens

Contemporary – Figurative – Whimsical

“GULLable” series

“Gulls embody the spirit of freedom and independence outside of relationships. So, when the Gull Spirit Animal flies into your awareness, it might encourage you to take to wing by becoming self-sufficient. Gull reminds you of your uniqueness and that you can have your way of life without loneliness.” – Traci Owens

“Gone Too Far” Postcard Collection

“Ummm, so many things have crossed the line in this world… but, as I strive to keep one foot grounded, sand between my toes, standing tall where I feel my bliss… I find the other foot suited up and wanting to run far from all that is… in search of… perhaps that which does not exist.” –Traci Owens

Artist Statement

Artist Traci Owens In order for an artist to grow they must be forever courageous, even willing to fail at their attempts. Only then are they pushing themselves outside the comforts of habit to discover the unexpected. I want my work to make an instant statement. I am intrigued by shapes pushed against one anther, demanding the spotlight yet playing together as one. To achieve this harmony of visual flow I design my own paper patterns which allow me to take shapes one step further by stenciling, layering, texturing, and using washes of color to bring harmony where chaos lives.

Each painting is an individual story. Words have amazing movement. All emotions that arise during the process, along with the emotional movement of each word are documented. At times throughout the process I tear up my notes/sketches regarding that particular painting and add them to my painting. I literally leave all my thoughts in each painting as to clear the path for the next plot. Sometimes the words are visible and sometimes buried. The characters are sometimes those I know, and sometimes from my head, but, always ready to make a bold statement, whatever the story unfolds.

Ohhh…and perhaps you’ve notice a chandelier or two in my work…ah yes, my guiding light through this life appears in the form of just that…a chandelier! You’ll also know your meeting the artist…as I sport one on my neck as well…one can never be to lit…

Music also plays an important role in my art. I love how it can set the mood for my brush stroke, or the way it makes me move through my thoughts. I love it loud too! So if you hear music coming out of my studio from across the street….know I’m in my happy place…

Art is so personal to the creator, which makes it easy to keep my thoughts intuitive as each story unfolds. They ask, “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”…I reply, “No map, only adventures, covered in paint, unspoken as to not miss an avenue I may not have taken if ALL were planned out…”