Jennifer Verge

Mixed Media Art - Repurposed - Found Object - Inspirational - Words

Jennifer Verge

Jennifer Verge is a Canadian born artist with a unique urban industrial pop art style that incorporates mixed media and powerful messages. Jennifer's creative techniques and originality have made her a renowned up-and-coming artist world wide. Her artwork is featured in many notable collections from around the world: USA, Canada, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, China, Australia and Germany.

Jennifer's training comes from a combination of studying under other established artists and more predominantly, self taught experimentation. She draws inspiration from an extensive list of accomplished artists, such as: Frida Kahlo, Lourenco Didier, Joanne Corno, Andy Warhol and Banksy. Jennifer's passion for art lead her to Los Angeles to pursue her career as an artist, where she developed her own signature style of repurposing and assembling found objects and materials such as old doors, wood, metal, hardware, locks, or any interesting found object with an aged patina. The parts are assembled artistically, with an aged, often industrial feel, using bolts, screws and rusty nails. This then becomes a substrate on which she inscribes a message of inspiration.

Jennifer wants her art to affect people on a visceral level. She succeeds by connecting to what inspires her most, he concept of what it really means to live, to feel alive. Her mother passed away of cancer when she was 14. "As an Adult I am fascinated by people who Live Life to the fullest  and exploring what that even means? This is the starting point for almost every painting and all of my inspiration."

Artist Statement:

Painting is my outlet for expression. It's a period of time when my imagination takes precedence over my everyday thoughts and I can truly feel free. Art allows me to live in the moment. People who really live the hell out of life, that's what inspires me. It drives me outside of my own comfort zone, to live adventurously. Hopefully that transfers into my art. My paintings strengthen my inner belief in the genuine connection among us all. A desire to feel completely ALIVE.

The reason I place a Star in each painting...

To me the star is a symbol for Love. For Passion. For Light.  I am curious about what lights up a persons eyes. I am interested in the experiences, people, and qualities that touch someone.

Selected Exhibitions

2016 to present
Lu Martin Galleries - Laguna Beach, CA
Art Unified, LA Art Show - Los Angeles, CA
Gabba Gallery - Los Angeles, CA
The Venice Institute of Contemporary Art - Venice, CA
Santa Monica Art Studios - Santa Monica, CA
Fab Art Studio - Los Angeles
Art Unified, World Wide Art - Los Angeles
Dwell in Design - Los Angeles Convention Center
Jeanie Madsen Gallery - Santa Monica, CA
Jeanie Madsen Gallery - Santa Monica, CA
Art Basel/Aqua - Miami, FL
Jeanie Madsen Gallery - Santa Monica, CA
Co Works - Los Angeles, CA
Jeanie Madsen Gallery - Santa Monica, CA
James Coleman Gallery - Los Angeles, CA
James Gray Gallery - Los Angeles, CA