Elaine Ruettiger

Contemporary Realism - Oil Paintings - Tropical - Coastal 

Elaine Ruettiger attained a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from California State University at Fullerton. After twenty years as a professional interior designer, she rediscovered her interest in painting, and has since developed her talents through classes, workshops, and self-study.

Rich and vibrant color is the hallmark of this artist's works. Inspired by the great variety of plants in nature, she often paints large-scale pieces, many of flowers from her own backyard. And visits to tropical places have resulted in colorful, memorable landscapes.

Limited entries in local, regional, and international competitions have earned some prestigious awards, including Grand Prize Winner in International Artist Magazine2008 Floral and Garden Competition. Her work is being increasingly collected.

Artist Statement

"There is beauty that surrounds us - we often don't notice, too occupied with everyday tasks and worries. Incredibly beautiful flowers, breathtaking vistas - we just must pause and enjoy the moment. We're here on this planet for so brief a period of time...

My vision is one of clarity and rich colors. I strive for a heightened reality, often with expressive brushstrokes and visible textures.

My work, with its saturated colors and enlarged detail, invites you to take another look and begin to appreciate our wonderful world!"