Dasha Guilliam

Contemporary Coastal - Seascapes - Mixed Media - Textured - Resin

Dasha Guilliam
Edgewater Series

Dasha was introduced to art while in her mother’s womb, “My mother developed a sudden craving (like other woman crave pickles) to paint with great intent and skill in her last month of pregnancy”. At five years of age she was staging and producing her own art shows. Where ever she found nails mounted into the freshly painted walls she hung her paper masterpieces. While sitting on her grandpa’s shoulders she would direct and take her audience (family members and friends) through her artistic journey. She told stories that expressed the imagination that let to each of her pieces. She is a product of passionate, invested and worldly parents. They chose to introduce and educate her by visiting different countries of the world.

At 16 she declared her independence and capitalized on one of those opportunities of a life time while visiting California. She enrolled herself in school and convinced her parents to allow her to stay. While experimenting in different scholastic majors, she always stayed true to what came natural. At 20 she had her first job as an art director of a local performing art school. Within four years she was the Director of her own art studio in Granite Bay, CA.  delivering an innovative art program for young up and coming artists. She concentrated on teaching art by referencing captivating historical events and an engaging curriculum.

"Being filled with unlimited imagination and creative energy, I like to challenge the process of mixed media and produce unique pieces of visual art. ”


School of Visual Arts, Novorossisk, Russia

Lu Martin Galleries, Laguna Beach, CA, “Artist Voyage” OC, CA. Abockeney Art Walk, Venice Art Walk, Venice, CA. “Sound of Art” Loft Gallery, CA. Lark Galleries, LA, Ca., Manhattan Beach Art, Manhattan beach, CA. Phantom Galleries, Long Beach, CA. Hermosa Beach Art Walk, Hermosa Beach, CA.