Alan Murray

Traditional Oil Painting - Figurative - Illustrative

Alan Murray

Alan Murray's painted world is a world of love and beauty, of innocence and blossoming delight. He is able to capture a mood as delicate as the features he paints on his canvas, and just as intricate.

Born in England, his family relocated to California when Alan was thirteen. It was there that his father encouraged him to pursue his artistic dreams. He studied at the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles, and after graduation worked a series of jobs before being drafted into the Army. In the Army, he moonlighted from his job as a draftsman by painting portraits of officer's wives, and their families. Two years after returning from the Army, he decided to show several of his paintings to local art dealers.

He was encouraged by their response and started painting full time. The result was a romantic style reminiscent of the Pre-Raphaelites, painted in warm tones, with luscious backgrounds. In his forefront, he will often have elegant women and whimsical children. "It is not only the physical aspect of beauty that I try to express in my work, but that which is deeper and more elusive, a radiance to be felt rather than seen."

He creates this effect by capturing the translucent light that reflects from the highlights of a child's hair or the mystery of a woman's smile. He paints the love he sees in a mother's eye and the fascination of a treasure discovered by a young boy. He is quick to catch the melancholy and wistfulness of a moment's dream and the everlasting love of a familial tie.

Alan's warm, rich hues draw the viewer into a world of memories. "I usually try to paint a feeling of calmness...which we don't have a lot of in this world." It is his sense of beauty and ability to capture the moment that makes Alan Murray a popular artist.