Aaron Coleman

Mixed Media Painting - Abstract - Acrylic - Resin

Aaron Coleman

Body of Work

This work is an interpretation of the patterns occurring all around us. These patterns are seen throughout our constructed environments and our natural world. They are found in the kaleidoscope of hues seen on the backs of your eyelids, in the structured chaos of gases far out on the edges of the universe, and in the repetitive yet various character of our own clustering of cities on the Earth’s surface. When we begin to coalesce and overlay these observations it seems an archetypal design begins to emerge.

I strive to communicate this archetypal design through each piece. An array of materials are being used in unconventional ways; allowing each material to exhibit its own unique properties. The process is constantly evolving. refining, and becoming more sophisticated. Each piece seemingly having its own energy, its own luminous light, and its own message to convey. In reality it is up to viewer to interpret the visual art I have created for them.

Personal Mission Statement

Studio Coleman represents my official breakaway from the path that I had been indoctrinated to follow. This linear path was shattered into a web of possibilities during the economic collapse of 2008. I received a pink slip, and I felt free for the first time in my life. I began cultivating my own ideas and developing the proper environment for creativity. Some rewiring occurred. I trust my own instincts now, and look towards the future with a fearless audacity. This creative energy cannot be diluted into schedules and profit margins. I am a bonefide stay up all night, exhilarated paint flinging, creative maniac. You can’t cage this soul! So I say thank you Mr. Goldman and Mr. Sachs, Freddie, Fannie, and Sallie, and the late Lehman brothers; thank you for forging the hammer that shattered my predictable path, and reminding who I am as a human being. I hope this set of work can be an inspiration to the viewer to follow their own passions in life; enjoy the ride