Introducing new contemporary figurative artist Traci Owens

artist Traci Owens with her art
We are excited to introduce our newest artist to the gallery, Traci Owens. Traci lived and traveled around the world since she was a child and her experiences with different cultures on various continents has influenced her art. Her art is generally figurative and very expressive and spirited, guided by a theme or concept which inspires her personally. Her style is very artsy, sometimes even quirky.

artist traci owens underpainting

Her process begins with intuitive and energetic scribing and mark making, followed by colorful pattern making.

artist traci owens underpainting

Over this colorful background, she begins her drawing, informed by her concept, the background itself, and intuition.

artist Traci Owens drawing over background

In a short while, a figure emerges and details are determined and competently drawn. Parts of the initial color, patterns and scribing strategically remain visible.

In this introduction of Traci Owens, we present works from her newest “GULLable” series as well as two pieces from her previous, unshown “Gone Too Far” Postcard series.

“GULLable” series

“Gulls embody the spirit of freedom and independence outside of relationships. So, when the Gull Spirit Animal flies into your awareness, it might encourage you to take to wing by becoming self-sufficient. Gull reminds you of your uniqueness and that you can have your way of life without loneliness.” – Traci Owens

artist Traci Owens GULLable series
“Crabbin On” 48×36 inch acrylic on canvas
artist Traci Owens GULLable series
“Confessions Of A Gull Girl” 48×36 inch acrylic on canvas

“Gone Too Far” Postcard Series

“Ummm, so many things have crossed the line in this world… but, as I strive to keep one foot grounded, sand between my toes, standing tall where I feel my bliss… I find the other foot suited up and wanting to run far from all that is… in search of… perhaps that which does not exist.” – Traci Owens

artist Traci Owens Postcard series
“Spanish Eyes” 48×60 inch acrylic on canvas
artist Traci Owens Postcard Series
“Paris Red” 48×60 inch acrylic on canvas


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