“Sun & Soul” by Brooke Harker

Los Angeles based artist Brooke Harker recently released another painting of her popular beach series: “Sun & Soul” (40×66 inches). Harker has painted numerous scenes from her worldwide travels, but here in Southern California there is no shortage of inspiration for her. This painting captures a typical summer day at Laguna Beach, full of color, people, and leisurely activity.

sun and soul by brooke harker

Usually, beach inspired artists focus on the beauty of nature: the waves, glowing sun, reflections, etc. But Harker’s attention gravitates to the beauty and charm that people create, both individually and collectively. The colorful swimsuits and umbrellas entertain your eyes, while the couples and families remind you of that special feeling you have when sharing the sun and sand with the ones you love.

Home Decorating Idea

Beach art like this painting by Brooke Harker is a fun way to add color and personality to your beach house or coastal interior decor. It’s a fairly large size, and will become the focal point of any space. It’s painted thickly with palette knife, a contemporary representational style, so it is suited for most contemporary style homes. It is painted on a gallery wrap canvas, and though it can be framed, we like to hang it unframed and let the wall itself frame it for a clean and open feel. (see mock-up below)

sun and soul interior mock up

In case you didn’t know, Laguna Beach is famous for its beaches, artists and art galleries. So if you’re looking for unique, quality art, come to Laguna Beach, California and visit us, Lu Martin Galleries. If you live in Orange County or surrounding areas, we offer free home trials and delivery of art. For out-of-area shoppers, our virtual home viewing service allows you to visualize any painting in your space no matter where you are.

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