Master Artist Ruo Li returns to Lu Martin Galleries

Lu Martin Galleries was the first American gallery to represent Ruo Li since he moved here from China in 1989. His temporary move back to China a few years ago, and subsequent gallery representation in Laguna Beach at Mian Situ Gallery (now closed) meant an absence of his masterful paintings from our collection. So we are very pleased to showcase, once again,  the exceptional paintings of Ruo Li.

Ruo Li is often referred to as an “artist’s artist” and is admired for his ability to create stunning realism, yet with a very efficient use of  brushstrokes. This freshness and boldness of brushstrokes leads some to believe he paints quickly. But actually, much time is needed for Li to paint in this very deliberate manner, as he leaves himself no room for error for every stroke of paint.

Today we have two original paintings by Li, “Vast World” which was just completed, and “California Autumn”, from his private collection and which won the Gold Medal Award for Master Signature Members at the 19th National Juried Exhibition of Oil Painters of America in 2010.  Click here to read more about Ruo Li.

"California Autumn" 22x33 in. oil painting By Ruo Li
“California Autumn” 22×33 in. oil painting By Ruo Li
"Vast World" 28x60 in. oil painting by Ruo Li
“Vast World” 28×60 in. oil painting by Ruo Li

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