“Energies of the California Coast” by Brooke Harker

We are now featuring our newest artist Brooke Harker and her series “Energies of the California Coast”. Thanks to all who attended the opening and helped make Brooke’s debut to the gallery a success. Click here to learn more about Brooke Harker and see our collection of her impressive paintings. We wish Brook a bon voyage at the end of this month as she vacates to Italy for four months where she will paint for an upcoming solo exhibit at Villa di Comunale in Frosinone, Italy in the vicinity of Rome titled Una Prospettiva Eclettica (An Eclectic Perspective) from August 24-Sept 6 2015. Her work will also be part of Artists for the Kids of Syria with artforumae at the Fann-A-Porter Gallery in Dubai in May of 2015.

"Liberated Waters" 35x68 in. ink, oil, acrylic on canvas by Brooke Harker
“Liberated Waters” 35×68 in. ink, oil, acrylic on canvas by Brooke Harker

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