“The Duke” by David Palmer

About a year ago, Laguna Beach artist David Palmer wanted to commemorate John Lennon 30 years after his death by creating a unique and edgy work of art. The result was a portrait of Lennon painted on a panel of bullet casings, transforming the medium of his death into a work of art. David Palmer, who is not a fan of guns, intends neither to glorify nor criticize gun use and ownership, but merely to point out its significance in culture and society. He feels that Lennon would appreciate the concept, having been an artist himself and no stranger to controversy. Having developed and perfected the technique of bullet paintings, Palmer continued with his “Fallen Heroes” series, commemorating such notables as Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy and Tupac Shakur. Adapting his theme a little to include icons of gun culture and not just those who have met their demise by their use, Palmer just released “The Duke”, honoring western and war film icon John Wayne. It is notable, however, that during the 50’s, Joseph Stalin ordered Wayne’s assasination because of his frequently-espoused anti-communist politics.

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