New Seascape Paintings by Alfredo Gomez

We are very pleased to have received a gorgeous new collection of seascape paintings by Alfredo Gomez. A self-taught master of classical realism, Gomez brings to life on canvas the natural beauty and feeling we experience while strolling on the beaches of southern California – warm sunlight reflecting on the water, distant headlands obscured by the marine mist, turquoise waves rolling to shore, sandpipers running back and forth, and wet sand you can sink your toes into. You can view all available seascapes by Gomez here, or better still, come in to the gallery and see them in person.seascape-oil-painting-alfredo-gomez-1

“The Duke” by David Palmer

About a year ago, Laguna Beach artist David Palmer wanted to commemorate John Lennon 30 years after his death by creating a unique and edgy work of art. The result was a portrait of Lennon painted on a panel of bullet casings, transforming the medium of his death into a work of art. David Palmer, who is not a fan of guns, intends neither to glorify nor criticize gun use and ownership, but merely to point out its significance in culture and society. He feels that Lennon would appreciate the concept, having been an artist himself and no stranger to controversy. Having developed and perfected the technique of bullet paintings, Palmer continued with his “Fallen Heroes” series, commemorating such notables as Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy and Tupac Shakur. Adapting his theme a little to include icons of gun culture and not just those who have met their demise by their use, Palmer just released “The Duke”, honoring western and war film icon John Wayne. It is notable, however, that during the 50’s, Joseph Stalin ordered Wayne’s assasination because of his frequently-espoused anti-communist politics.

Introducing Martin Beaupre

We are very pleased to welcome Canadian artist Martin Beaupre as the newest member of the gallery. Martin takes us on a Zen journey which reveals a search for beauty and harmony. Inspired by his travels to Asia, and his reverence for Japanese aesthetics, Martin’s paintings combine energy and dynamism with tranquility and serenity.

martin beaupre zen art

"Vision of Inner Freedom" 48x48 in.

“Cafe” by Mostafa Keyhani

This is one of three new oil paintings by Mostafa Keyhani. Keyhani is best known for his thickly painted, impressionist scenes from Europe. His paintings are full of life, color and charm, and this painting of a busy cafe in France is no exception.


“Lava Falls, Grand Canyon” by Brad Elsberry

We just received this magnificent 40×60 inch painting by California artist Brad Elsberry depicting the Grand Canyon and the Lava Falls Rapid below, the most severe rapid of the Grand Canyon. The Lava Falls are so called because of the “frozen” cascades of lava that once flowed into the canyon from a nearby volcano. Brad references pioneer Major John Wesley Powell’s pondering of its creation upon its discovery, “What a conlict of water and fire there must have been here! Just imagine a river of molten rock running down into a river of melted snow. What a seething and boiling of the waters; what clouds of steam rolled into the heavens.”

"Lava Falls, Grand Canyon" by Brad Elsberry 40x60 in. acrylic/canvas