Artwalk This Thursday November 7

Martin Beaupré

Journey of Zen

First Thursdays Artwalk

November 7    6:00 to 9:00 PM

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Martin Beaupré returns to Laguna Beach this week with a new collection of paintings from his “Journey of Zen” series. Come see his newest works and meet Monsieur Beaupré in person during the First Thursdays Artwalk at Lu Martin Galleries this Thursday evening from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Martin will be performing a live painting demonstration throughout the evening, and signing copies of his book  “Faites Briller la Terre!” (Make the Earth Shine!) available for sale, and complementary for collectors of his work.

We hope you make the journey to meet this inspired and inspiring artist, for as the Zen proverb says, “It is better to see the face than to hear the name.”

New collection by Aaron Coleman

We now have a new collection of paintings by artist Aaron Coleman. At first glance, Aaron’s work resembles polished marble, but closer inspection reveals layers of intricately dispersed paint embedded in a thick layer of clear resin. His paintings are philosophical abstractions of micro and macrocosms of nature, inspired by colors and patterns of the elements evolved by the universe.

abstract painting aaron coleman 14

Happy Independence Day

20130704-182508.jpgDavid Palmer released his latest painting on bullet casings just in time for Independence Day. “American Legacy” juxtaposes the iconic symbol of our liberty against that of which was used to achieve and defend it.  It highlights the significance of arms in America, both historically and currently, militarily and individually, for better or worse.  This artwork is less of a political statement and more of a dialogue.  In reverence to Liberty, it acknowledges the necessity of arms to defend her, while questioning the many military actions waged in her name. It celebrates the individuals’ right to bear arms, as established in the U.S. Constitution, yet mourns the deadly consequences and daily abuses of this right.   Liberty and arms, undeniably woven into the fabric of this nation. This is an “American Legacy”.

New abstract paintings by Aaron Coleman

We received several new paintings this month from Aaron Coleman, including this one, “Stratification of the River” (30 x 84 inches). Coleman’s non-representational paintings are created by a process of alternating layers of clear resin and paint, using special techniques of “controlled chaos” to form patterns that are organic, geologic or even cosmic. Coleman’s paintings are often large, allowing one’s vision to be engulfed by its beauty and wonder, as if peering into an undiscovered world of  microcosmic, or macrocosmic, scale. Click here to see more of Aaron Coleman’s work.abstract-art-aaron-coleman-1

New Paintings by Martin Beaupre

New works by Canadian artist Martin Beaupré just arrived, including this beauty titled “That the Life is Light”, which glimmers from scores of Swarovski crystals attached to the canvas . Beaupré’s peaceful paintings are full of inspiring symbolism. In this painting, he explains that the monk symbolizes control of one’s life, the Tibetan bowl he is holding represents abundance, the mountains stand for the elevation of one’s mind, and the Crystal tree, for Purity.

“Spirit of Sitting Bull”

Artist David Palmer demonstrates his technique of using gunpowder to scorch the underlying image of Sitting Bull on his “canvas” of bullets. Palmer subsequently paints with brush and airbrush to finish the piece, which can be seen here.