We are pleased to present the newest artist to the gallery, Brooke Harker. Brooke is a Los Angeles based artist, primarily an urban landscape painter. Her art boasts a strength of substance and style. More than faithful renderings of the places she has traveled and spent time, her large paintings are imbued with the mood, energy and character of the place and its inhabitants. The use of color and detail, and the select absence of either, are her primary tool for transmuting the essence of any locale onto canvas. Her process is a layering of media, using a combination of ink, acrylic and impasto oil.

Brooke Harker’s opening series for the gallery, Energies of The California Coast, is a collection of large paintings celebrating the coastal communities of southern California, including Laguna Beach, Newport Beach and Dana Point. We invite you to join us in the opening reception, in conjunction with First Thursdays Artwalk, April 2, from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

"Laguna Streets #2" 66x46 in. ink, acrylic on canvas by Brooke Harker

“Laguna Streets #2” 66×46 in. ink, acrylic on canvas by Brooke Harker

"Familiar Tides" 46x82 in. ink, oil, acrylic on canvas by Brooke Harker

“Familiar Tides” 46×82 in. ink, oil, acrylic on canvas by Brooke Harker

"Liberated Waters" 35x68 in. ink, oil, acrylic on canvas by Brooke Harker

“Liberated Waters” 35×68 in. ink, oil, acrylic on canvas by Brooke Harker

Lu Martin Galleries was the first American gallery to represent Ruo Li since he moved here from China in 1989. His temporary move back to China a few years ago, and subsequent gallery representation in Laguna Beach at Mian Situ Gallery (now closed) meant an absence of his masterful paintings from our collection. So we are very pleased to showcase, once again,  the exceptional paintings of Ruo Li.

Ruo Li is often referred to as an “artist’s artist” and is admired for his ability to create stunning realism, yet with a very efficient use of  brushstrokes. This freshness and boldness of brushstrokes leads some to believe he paints quickly. But actually, much time is needed for Li to paint in this very deliberate manner, as he leaves himself no room for error for every stroke of paint.

Today we have two original paintings by Li, “Vast World” which was just completed, and “California Autumn”, from his private collection and which won the Gold Medal Award for Master Signature Members at the 19th National Juried Exhibition of Oil Painters of America in 2010.  Click here to read more about Ruo Li.

"California Autumn" 22x33 in. oil painting By Ruo Li

“California Autumn” 22×33 in. oil painting By Ruo Li

"Vast World" 28x60 in. oil painting by Ruo Li

“Vast World” 28×60 in. oil painting by Ruo Li


This 30×40 inch impressionist oil painting by Mostafa Keyhani captures the beauty and charm of the Belgian medieval city of Bruges. Because of its numerous canals, Bruges is often referred to as “the Venice of the North”. Visit Mostafa Keyhani’s page to see more of his impressionist paintings of Europe.

Alfredo Gomez is known for his realistic oil paintings of fruit, landscapes and seascapes, but probably his favorite subject to paint is the Pacific coastline. Living in Southern California but raised in Guadalajara, Mexico, Alfredo draws inspiration from his travels throughout Mexico and California. He has a special attraction to the varying energies of the sea: at times and places strong and full of energy, and others gentle and soothing. When bringing art into your home, you are also bringing in energy. Like nature, every painting is imbued with its own unique energies, derived by its distinct combination of its manifold elements including colors, subject, medium, technique, tones, composition, rhythm, size, style, etc. The effect, if only subtle, that art can have on our mood, intellect, psyche, and imagination is the true value of all art forms.

The following photos show collected paintings by Alfredo Gomez:

Artist: Alfredo Gomez

Artist: Alfredo Gomez

Artist: Alfredo Gomez

Artist: Alfredo Gomez

Artist: Alfredo Gomez

Artist: Alfredo Gomez

Artist: Alfredo Gomez

Artist: Alfredo Gomez

Artist: Alfredo Gomez

Artist: Alfredo Gomez

Martin Beaupré

Journey of Zen

First Thursdays Artwalk

November 7    6:00 to 9:00 PM

martin beaupre fb  48

Martin Beaupré returns to Laguna Beach this week with a new collection of paintings from his “Journey of Zen” series. Come see his newest works and meet Monsieur Beaupré in person during the First Thursdays Artwalk at Lu Martin Galleries this Thursday evening from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Martin will be performing a live painting demonstration throughout the evening, and signing copies of his book  “Faites Briller la Terre!” (Make the Earth Shine!) available for sale, and complementary for collectors of his work.

We hope you make the journey to meet this inspired and inspiring artist, for as the Zen proverb says, “It is better to see the face than to hear the name.”

We now have a new collection of paintings by artist Aaron Coleman. At first glance, Aaron’s work resembles polished marble, but closer inspection reveals layers of intricately dispersed paint embedded in a thick layer of clear resin. His paintings are philosophical abstractions of micro and macrocosms of nature, inspired by colors and patterns of the elements evolved by the universe.

abstract painting aaron coleman 14