First Thursdays Artwalk, Sept 5 6-9PM

First Thursdays Artwalk of Laguna Beach

Sept. 5th  6PM to 9PM

As the summer comes to an end and the crowds vacate our charming Laguna village, the art scene is in full swing. For this month's Artwalk, we are excited to have our newest artist, Khalid Alkaaby, at the easel to demonstrate his figurative painting talents. Gallery artist Nichole McDaniel will be his model. First stroke is at 6:00, so come early and see the magical beginning of transforming white canvas to beautiful figure!  Also, mingling amongst the crowd will be artists Brooke Harker, Dasha Guilliam, and Irina Negulescu, an opportune time to discuss their newest art, and collecting or commissioning. Solo cello music performed by Hitoshi Suzuki. We look forward to seeing you!

New paintings by Brooke Harker

Hong Kong, Cuba, San Francisco, Newport Beach and Laguna Beach are the locales Brooke Harker has chosen for this new collection of paintings. Click here to see all available works by Brooke.

“Laguna Days” 20×64″ ink, acrylic, oil on canvas


“Nautical Hearts” 34×60 inch ink, acrylic, oil on canvas


“Spirit Ride” (Hong Kong) 40×52 inch ink, acrylic oil on canvas

“Song of Hong Kong” 56×36 inch ink, acrylic, oil on canvas

“Finding a Way” (San Francisco” 55×30 inch ink and acrylic on canvas

“A Havana Story” 44×66 inch ink, acrylic, oil on canvas

Special July Artwalk – Saturday July 6 – 12:00 to 9:00

As the first Thursday lands on the Fourth of this July, the member galleries decided to have a special, all day Artwalk on Saturday, July 6, instead. The citywide event will begin at 12:00 noon and go until 9:00  in the evening. Here at Lu Martin Galleries you will have the opportunity to meet artists Tesa Michaels, Brooke Harker and Dasha Guilliam. In addition, Brooke, Dasha and Lu Martin will be demonstrating intermittently throughout the day. Cellist Hitoshi Suzuki will begin his evening performance around 7:00 pm. It will be a fun and art filled day in Laguna for you and your family. We hope to see you here!


Introducing Khalid Alkaaby

We are very pleased to welcome our newest artist Khalid Alkaaby to the gallery. Khalid Alkaaby was born and raised in Baghdad, Iraq in 1979. He worked as an artist and ran a successful art studio. In September 2005 Baghdad underwent immense bombings. The 14th of September was the deadliest day of the insurgency. The city of Baghdad suffered significant damage and a series of terrorist attacks through the city.
Khalid was forced to leave his beloved family, friends and studio gallery where he had created his works of art. He then immigrated to the United States and set out to begin a new life in San Diego, California where he now lives and works as a professional artist.
Here in the United States Khalid experienced a sense of openness and expression, in stark contrast to his experience in Iraq, and it’s what inspires much of his work. Artistically posed nude figures and dancers are celebrations of self-expression and liberty; free in her surroundings, she displays total empowerment and self-awareness, without restraints or restrictions. Alkaaby’s paintings are imbued with hope, love and passions of life, punctuated with boldness of color and rhythmic tones which entice mood and impact the senses.

“Creating art is a method of meditating and disconnecting, with art I learn more about myself, I learn about the power of art and the language of art that communicates to all, Creating art is my life and it influences everything about who I am, my thoughts and feelings.”
-Khalid Alkaaby.

“Butterfly” 36×36 in. oil/canvas


“Lost in my Thoughts” 36×24 in. oil/canvas


“Dance in Red” 36×36 in oil/canvas by Khalid Alkaaby


Martin Beaupré Artist Receptions Nov 16-17


Artist Martin Beaupré makes his way from Quebec, Canada to Laguna Beach, California in November 2018 for the opening of his new art exhibit: Journey of Zen – Making The Way to Oneself.  We will be hosting two receptions: Friday evening, November 16, 6:00 to 9:00 and Saturday afternoon, November 17, 3:00 to 6:00. At both receptions you will have the opportunity to meet Martin Beaupré, ask him questions regarding his art and the philosophy that inspires it. Throughout the events, Martin will also be painting, which is always entertaining to watch. For collectors, Martin will be personalizing your painting on the back with a special message for you. Solo Cellist Hitoshi Suzuki will be performing both events. Refreshments served.  RSVP is appreciated, please call 949-494-8074.


Rare watercolors by Arthur G. Rider (1886-1975)

We are making available to the public for the first time a collection of original watercolor paintings by early California artist Arthur Grover Rider. The paintings come from the estate of Rider’s stepson, Robert Bethea and they have been in his personal collection since 1975.

“Taxco, Mexico, Street Scene”” 17×19 in. watercolor by Arthur Rider.

Arthur  Rider was born in Chicago, traveled, studied and painted in Europe. While in Spain, Rider befriended artist Joaquin Sorolla, and they painted together on the Valencia Beach, where Rider painted his popular motifs of fishing boats on the shore, with billowing sails illuminated by the Mediterranean sunlight.

“Spanish Street Scene” 15×22 inch watercolor by Arthur G. Rider

Rider eventually settled in Laguna Beach, California and painted throughout California and Mexico, seeking locales which would remind him of the color and light in Spain. The locales of this collection of watercolor paintings include Europe, California and Mexico.

“Laguna Canyon”  15×22 in. watercolor by Arthur G. Rider

“Church in Mexico” 17×22 inch watercolor by Arthur G. Rider

The paintings are being held privately and are available for sale for a limited time.  Please call Lu Martin Galleries at 949-494-8074 for more information or to schedule a viewing.

“Pont Neuf, Paris” (circa 1950) 13×16 in watercolor by Arthur G. Rider

“Mexico” (circa 1960) 14×21 inch watercolor by Arthur G. Rider.

“Tropic and Skylark (Newport Beach, California)” 14×21 inch watercolor by Arthur G. Rider

“Taxco Church” 22×24 inch watercolor by Arthur G. Rider


Introducing Irina Negulescu

 Lu Martin Galleries is pleased to introduce our newest artist, Irina Negulescu. Irina is primarily a figurative painter, known especially for her paintings of beautiful women underwater. Irina was born in Romania, and having been raised during the harsh years of Communism helps explain her exceptional ability to capture the soul and essence of her subjects.   Her dramatic brush strokes show depth and realism with a vibrant life force.  “My inspiration comes from the liberty I have to express my passion for dance and music, and for my love of the blue sea, the brilliant sky and the beautiful people that surround me everyday” – Irina Negulescu

Just in time for Valentines

We just received this fun piece by Jennifer Verge, a spirited artist living in Venice Beach, CA who creates her works of art with found and re-purposed wood, hardware and other objects and infuses them with her expressions of passion for living. You can see more of her unique works of art here.

New Collection of Paintings by Aaron Coleman

Artist Aaron Coleman has been busy creating in his studio in Kansas City. He arrived to Laguna Beach for the new year with a great collection of new resined abstract paintings for which he is known. In this collection we have some of his newly evolved pieces which have a beautiful, soft matte finish. Aaron is still in the southern California area and will be attending the February 2nd First Thursdays Artwalk, along with fellow visiting artist Martin Beaupre.

Just in from artist Dasha Guilliam

"Lightforce" 40x40 in. (diptych) acrylic, sand on wood panel

“Lightforce” 40×40 in. (diptych) acrylic, sand on wood panel

Just in from artist Dasha Guilliam, this 40×40 in. diptych from her Textured by Nature series has a subtle, iridescent sheen which adds brilliance to the sky. Dasha’s passion for the sea stems from her childhood growing up by the Black Sea , and continues to inspire her creations. Each painting is imbued with a touch of the sea, textured with sand gathered from her routine communion with the Pacific Ocean. To see more of Dasha Guilliam’s paintings, click here to visit her page.