“Emmett” 48×36 in. oil painting on panel with semi-precious stones including Chrysocolla and “Bark Castings”

About this painting: I call this painting “Emitt” from the rock hound/collector of all the stones used in this semi precious stones painting. I first time I meet him was in Tucson, Arizona at the huge gem and mineral show. He was a real kick, he had so many amazing stones, little unique finds that I have not seen before. He was so excited to share his findings with me as a collector. He is one of my biggest providers of my stones in the United States.

All of the Chysocolla that is used on this painting is gradated from the larger rocks to the fine powder used on the top part of the land. He grounded it all himself and had it in all sizes for me. It was a dream for what I do.

Stones Used:
Chrysocolla: Communication is one of the biggest properties of this stone. This stone is geared to expression, empowerment and teaching. Due to the serenity of its turquoise-blue color discharges negative energies, calms, and allows truth. It helps with inner wisdom to surface and helps you be heard. It is a peaceful stone, it emphasizes the power of our words as well as our actions have on those around us. Crysocolla also assists with encouraging compassion and strengthens character.

Bark Castings: These are rare specimens that were found by Emmett, one of my amazing collectors in Utah. They are sandstone that petrified around the bark of a tree, then fell off creating the bark like texture on each specimen. He said he collected all he could at that site and never has found anymore. I pretty much took all he had. It was a great find.

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