Greg Martin


Greg Martin, born 1969, in Manchester, New Hampshire, moved to Southern California in 1983.  He has been involved in art professionally for over twenty years. Firstly, at Lu Martin Galleries of Laguna Beach, a family owned art gallery established by his mother Lu Martin, also an artist. Secondly, in the studio, where after years of being surrounded by art and artists, and years of dabbling  (mostly plein air landscape painting), Greg found his passion for creating contemporary art. In 2004, for six months he painted under Romanian artist, designer, and TV personality  Cristina Joia.
“Creating non-objective art is both liberating and challenging.  Although the same general rules of art still apply,
the artist is not a slave to visual realities. However, without a subject, or model, he relies solely on his powers of intuition, inner vision and creativity.”

“I feel there is a mystical quality to my work. I’m fascinated by the mysteries of life, science, religion, psychology, philosophy… I often try to contrast what I see as dualities of our existence: physical-spiritual, visible-invisible, conscious-unconscious, logic-emotion…”

Greg Martin is currently represented by:

Lu Martin Galleries – Laguna Beach, CA
Christopher Morgan Gallery – Palm Desert, CA

Past Exhibits include:

The Ritz Carlton  – Dana Point, CA
Townley Gallery – Laguna Beach, CA
Sawdust Winter Festival -Laguna Beach, CA
San Diego Art  Walk – San Diego, CA
Gallery 104 – SanClemente, CA
Gallery Surface – Laguna Beach, CA
Desert Art Source – Palm Desert, CA
NAMM Show 2008, Anaheim Marriott – Anaheim, CA