Don Langford

Don Langford has been painting for longer than 45 years. In 1955 and 1956 Don studied oil painting in Laguna Beach under renowned artist and gallery owner Larry Kronquist. Over the years Mr. Langford had continued learning painting technique through self-education and the study of other artists. He developed his style of impressionist colors and techniques.  His preferred subjects were seascapes and landscapes. He began exhibiting professionally in the early 1960’s and since has had numerous exhibitions and shows.

A resident of California, Don Langford enjoys the many and diverse landscapes that California offers. When he lived on the Monterey Peninsula, Don studied and painted the coast with all its natural beauty, attracted to the atmospheric effects created by the fog, light and shadows blending with the sea, the cliffs and cypress trees. He now lives and paints in southern California, where he enjoys painting everything from the coast to the canyons, the eucalyptus and the sycamore. No matter the subject, Don seeks to express the mood of the place, especially when it is most dramatic, during the early morning and late afternoon hours. He captures a place of restful beauty in a moment of time to be remembered. “My landscape paintings are portraits of nature. I strive to render the mood and character of a scene as if it were a portrait of an individual.”

Don Langford works both in the studio and  plein air. He regularly paints on location so he can study nature directly and experience the visual sensations felt only by being there.  He sketches, composes and paints his impressions of color, light and shadow. Often, Langford will use these paintings as studies for larger, more refined paintings which he paints in his studio.