Brooke Harker

Artist Statement

The paintings I create are about connections between people. Within the hustle of any city or relaxing coastal scene there is a silent cooperation between people, whether to negotiate their paths on a sidewalk or in the selection of where to place umbrellas in the sand. I’m fascinated by the idea that a moment exists only once and will never occur again. It amazes me how the lives of many people throughout history contribute to the current moment and a person’s minor choices have the ability to impact infinite people throughout time. In some ways, my paintings are time capsules, and I’m a historian of the ordinary.

It becomes a bit of a hunt for me when taking photos or sketching live on location to find moments of unknowing collaboration between strangers. I track the stride of pedestrians, the flow of traffic and the position of the sun in illuminating these interactions. This fascination with synchronicity reflects in the compositions I choose. I sort for pops of color that relate to each other in the same moment. When a pedestrian’s pants match a nearby taxi or a bus coordinates with the traffic light it brightens my day. These seemingly insignificant observations ignite a sense of wonder about the way everything in life fits together. As most people don’t want to hear how excited I am to see a grocery bag match a street sign, I let the joy fuel my art.

As I associate places and people with color, the drippy acrylic backgrounds represent the energy of a place. The ink strokes, whether fluid or defined, mirror the structured world we live in and are a place to tame the wanderings of the mind. The pure colors in thick oil paint texture applied with knives express a desire to feel a sense of flow in life. The stories of many people I’ve met and learned from along the way are layered into the process of creating these scenes. Painting allows me to share my life visibly and are private journal entries at the same time. The lessons I learn in life embed in the paint and help transform my perspective and experiences. I believe that as each person connects to themselves and heals, there is a potential for the thread of our impact to open this world up to more compassion, understanding and love.

Brooke Harker

Brooke Harker is a contemporary artist based in Los Angeles, California. Her lively paintings of cities and coastal scenes are characterized by energetic brush strokes in ink and thick oil paint applied with palette knives. These vibrant depictions of daily life capture a sense of motion and highlight moments of synchronicity.

Harker calls herself a historian of the ordinary. Her paintings are a collaboration with all of the people who’ve contributed to a place over time: architects, engineers, city workers who’ve placed street signs and pedestrians whose colorful fashion landed in view at the perfect moment. All of their individual actions brought together one moment, fated to be captured on canvas.

Harker’s paintings lives in collections all over the world, including with the Prince of Morocco in the Royal Palace in Rabat and as part of the Chase Center Art Collection in San Francisco, home to the Golden State Warriors. Her paintings will be part of an invite only exhibit at The National Art Center of Tokyo for the 19th Japan International Art Exchange curated by Katsu Shimmin and curatorial assistant Julienne Johnson from November 27-December 9 of 2019.

In February of 2019, Harker’s work exhibited in the United Arab Emirates alongside 52 artists from 31 countries in “Year of Tolerance-Beyond Borders Art,” organized by Art4You Gallery & Cassels Al Barsh.

Selections of Harker’s artwork appeared in Connessione Oltre Confini in Rome in 2018 & 2019 and in Italy’s Biennale di Frosinone/Anagni in 2016 & 2018. She exhibited with 30 Italian artists in Los Angeles at Gloria Delson Contemporary Arts in 2018 in “Viva Italia: Evoluzione e Metamorfosi di Arte,” curated by Alfio Borghese in collaboration with Area Contessa Arte in Rome.

Harker’s solo exhibit, An Eclectic Perspective, painted during a several month residency on a farm south of Rome and curated by Alfio Borghese, toured Italian galleries from 2015 to 2017 including locations in Rome, Genoa & Frosinone. Juried by international art critic Peter Frank & museum directors Daniel Foster and Drew Oberjuerge, Harker participated in the international museum exhibit California Dreaming: An International Portrait of Southern California, which toured from 2014-2015 between Palazzo della Provincia di Frosinone, Italy, the Oceanside Museum of Art and the Riverside Museum of Art in California. In 2013, the field deputy of California State Senator Alex Padilla nominated Harker for Excellence in the Arts.

Fascinated by other cultures and languages since childhood, Harker has lived abroad and participated in projects and residencies throughout Europe and Asia. She continues to travel for inspiration, yet always returns home to Los Angeles. Her studio is outdoors, where she interacts with passing neighbors while painting in the California sunshine.

Brooke Harker’s approach to the image of a city – of any environment, actually, but a city’s most particularly – insists that our experience of a place emerges from a wealth of phenomena, smaller and larger, interacting and giving one another a reason to exist. Harker’s method, reliant equally on drawing and painting throughout even the most painterly tableau, does not simply thrust us into the middle of a bustling street; it dissolves the street and reassembles it around our vision, as if we had been dreaming, been jolted awake, and found ourselves beholding a scene at once instantly recognizable and entirely alien.- Peter Frank- international art critic, The Huffington Post, Fabrik Magazine

On the map of her canvases, Brooke Harker pictures the land she imagines with her portrayal of hope; it is the city of the sun we yearn for.- Marcello Carlino- art critic, Rome, Italy

Selected recent exhibits:  Cassels Al Barsha, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Area Contesa Arte, Rome, Italy, Gloria Delson Contemporary Arts, Los Angeles, Gabba Gallery, Los Angeles, Gallery 825, Los Angeles, Lu Martin Galleries, Laguna Beach, CA, Satura Art Gallery, Genoa, Italy, Villa Comunale di Frosinone, Italy, Riverside Museum of Art in Riverside CA, Fann-A-Porter Gallery in Dubai, Oceanside Museum of Art in Oceanside CA, FABStudio Art Gallery in Santa Monica, CA, Palazzo della Provincia di Frosinone, Italy, The Wolf Fine Art Gallery in Los Angeles, CA, Malibleu Gallery in Malibu, CA, bg Bergamot Gallery in Santa Monica, CA.

Recognition & Press: ExtraTV, Italy, The Huffington Post, The Hollywood Times, The Malibu Times, La Provincia- (Frosinone, Italy),, The Santa Monica Mirror, Splash Magazines, The Examiner, Topanga Messanger, Santa Monica Daily Press, Westside Today, The Los Angeles Post, Dongguan Informer (China), and sited in More Magazine & Felix Magazine, Buzzfeed, Season 8 of Hell's Kitchen on FOX, & nominated by in 2013, by the Field Deputy of CA State Senator Alex Padilla for Excellence in the Arts.