Alfredo Gomez

Alfredo Gomez was born in 1964 in Guadalajara, Mexico and currently resides in California.  He began painting at an early age and enjoyed his first public exhibition at age 20.  Gomez is an artist dedicated to the traditional principles of art. He is self-taught and continues to study the Old Masters as well as the techniques by contemporaries.  His favorite subjects are landscape and still-life, especially fruit. No matter his subject, Gomez captures it with warm, luminous realism. Alfredo’s paintings are full of passion and invite the viewer to pause and savor the beauty.

Selected Exhibitions

1984 Cultural Institute Cabanas – Guadalajara, Mexico
1984 Benito Juarez Auditorium – Zapopan, Mexico
1985 Nature Gallery of Art – One Man Show – Zamora, Mexico
1986 Color and Life – Colima, Mexico
1988 Imagenes and Vision – One Man Show – Zamora, Mexico
1989 Cultural Institute Cabanas – Best in Show – Guadalajara, Mexico
1990 Forms of Color – Irapuato, Mexico
1991 Fading Lights – Valentine Gomez Farias Gallery – One Man Show – Guadalajara, Mexico
1991 Art Festival – San Miguel Allende, Mexico
1991 Sequences of the Landscape – Lopez Portillo Gallery – One Man Show – Guadalajara, Mexico
1992 Retained Landscape – City Hall – Guadalajara, Mexico
1992 First Biannual of Monterrey – Museum of Monterrey – Honorable Mention – Monterrey, Mexico
1992 Zapopan City Hall – One Man Show – Zapopan, Mexico
1992 Air Force Gallery – One Man Show – Zapopan, Mexico
1992 City Square – “Concentro” – Zapopan, Mexico
1993 Landscape of Jalisco – House of Culure – Cancun, Mexico
1993 Plastic Arts Festival – San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
1994 Alfredo M. Gomez Gallery – Laguna Beach, California
1994 Red Cross Exhibition – Monterrey, Mexico
1994 2nd Biannual of Monterrey – Museum of Monterrey
1994 Composition and Color – One Man Show – College of Bachelors – Mexico D.F., Mexico
1995 Beverly Hills Art Festival – Beverly Hills, California
1995 Desert Festival – Scottsdale, Arizona
1995 Cultural Foundation Bancomer – Mexico D.F., Mexico
1997 Dallas Art Festival – Best in Show – Dallas, Texas
1997 Ex-Convent del Carmen – Guadalajara, Mexico
1998 Mother Nature – The Colomos House – One Man Show – Zapopan, Mexico
1999 ArtCentre of Plano – One Man Show – Plano, Texas
1999 Natural Areas and Suburbs of Mexico – Museum of Modern Art – Mexico City, Mexico
2000—2005 One Man Shows – Matsuyama, Matsumoto, Yokosuka, Osaka, Kanazawa and Kokura, Japan
2000-2012 Permanent Artist – Lu Martin Galleries, Laguna Beach



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